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The center for children’s Happiness (CCH)

  CCH (The Center for Children’s Happiness) is a children’s home founded by JHP in 2002 to support orphans who have lived in garbage mountains.
Now, it has acquired NGO license.

  The center has held only 16 orphans who were suffered by HIV/AIDS or land mine at first. Now it contains about 90 orphans including those who had punishment, child neglect because of poverty. In CCH, these children are living cheerfully with taking job trainings such as sewing and hair cut, growing vegetables and animals and studying.

  CCH needs ten milion yen for a year to run. Since the foundation, although JHP has tried to make payment somehow by itself by selling handicrafts or printing T-shirts and so on, the capital has been not enough yet.

幸せの子どもの家(CCH) 幸せの子どもの家(CCH) 幸せの子どもの家(CCH)