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School construction

To provide an opportunity of getting education for children in Cambodia, JHP is operating these actions such as repairing hoary schools and establishing new schools to support the lack of number of rooms.

Music education

JHP promotes a music education project in order to train teaching staff so that every student in Cambodia can have an opportunity to take music lessons. For instance, we organize workshops for music teachers and train leaders for the workshops. >>more

Art and health education

In Cambodia, art education is part of the curriculum; however, it hasn't spread widely across the entire country, because there are not enough materials or teachers. We train art teachers in a similar way as the music education project. >>more

The center for children's Happiness (CCH)

CCH (The Center for Children's Happiness) is a children's home founded by JHP in 2002 to support orphans who have lived in garbage mountains.
Now, it has acquired NGO license.

Volunteer dispatch

JHP has dispatched over 1500 volunteers at home and abroad for the development of global citizens since 1993 as well as school construction services and educational support services.

International volunteer college

JHP has implemented our activities such as providing experience of synactic study, international cooperation, understanding and global coexistence by keeping JHP's motto as "Sharing your knowledge which you have expertise in! Getting sweaty together with your powerful energy!">>more

Aligning with organizations and associations

JHP has accomplished more than 318 school constructions so far. 30% of past performances are supported by organizations (including unions and so on), other 30% are supported by associations and educational institutions as their CSR. >>more