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International Volunteer and College

  JHP has implemented our activities such as providing experience of synactic study, international cooperation, understanding and global coexistence by keeping JHP’s motto as 「Sharing your knowledge which you have expertise in! Getting sweaty together with your powerful energy!」 To provide opportunities to learn about international NGO for younger generations (in Japan) that are willing to live in global society, JHP has held a new project named 「Osanai Mieko international volunteer college」 every September to March since 2006 by putting the JHP’s Motto and its past performances to use.

  In the college, JHP has implemented various kinds of classes by inviting authorities and experts from each field as a speaker for a half year. Classes are international cooperation, international understanding, outline and practice of NGO and multiculturalism and so on. Moreover, it is not only classroom lecture, but also the students accomplish a practical trainee in Cambodia over a period up to about a month.

  The college aims human developments by taking advantage of JHP knowledge about Cambodia and, experiences and ideal toward international cooperation of JHP’s head Mieko Koyamauchi. (Below shares JHP’s ideal human resources.)

  • Those who can accomplish own responsibility and act on their iterative. It is not enough for them to acquire only knowledge since a society is moving to synactic participated one.
  • Those who have the international mind and can act globally.
  • Those who can participate in their society spontaneity whichever the students select specialist of NGO or other fields after the college.
  • Those who aim to be a NGO top official, an international officer or a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer.
  • To senior generation, those who can take advantage of their plenty of experiences to international cooperation.

JHP is welcome to your participation!

Mieko Osanai International Volunteer College(JAPANESE)

講義中の小山内代表 受講風景