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School construction

  To provide an opportunity of getting education for children in Cambodia, JHP is operating these actions such as repairing hoary schools and establishing new schools to support the lack of number of rooms.

  In present, 2012, although there are 6,849 elementary schools and 1,196 junior high schools (in Cambodia), both numbers are not enough to necessity at all. Because of the lack of enough rooms, most of schools introduce a class system which has two or three shift in a room.
Due to that, each student cannot use enough time to study in schools or receive enough education.
In addition to it, getting school buildings older, there is a danger of collapsing and an interruption of rainy period.

  JHP sets its office in Phnom Penh. The construction support team conducts a field survey there. After that, it supports school constructions in order of high priority occasions such as @schools introducing more than two shift time in one room because of poor number of rooms and Athe weather controls class open because of decrepit schools.

It takes about 6 to 9millions yen to support a school construction including one school with five rooms, three or four bathrooms and accessories for inside. (2014)

学校建設 学校建設 学校建設