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Aligning with organizations and associations

  JHP has operates variety of activities supported by organizations and associations since 1993. This profile report shares a part of activities supported by them. So JHP is always welcome to have designs from those who are charged of CSR. We would like to positively consider the possibility to support education in abroad.

企業・団体との連携 企業・団体との連携 企業・団体との連携

School construction (1993-)

JHP has accomplished more than 318 school constructions so far. 30% of past performances are supported by organizations (including unions and so on), other 30% are supported by associations and educational institutions as their CSR. The Donation of six to seven millions yen can construct one school in Cambodia. There are many cases of school constructions as monuments (anniversary) for organizations and associations. Please support the school constructions by using strength of organizations

Music contest sponsor (2004- )

The budget of s a music contest JHP operates in Cambodia every year is donated from organizations and associations. In 2010, 117 schools have taken a part of prejudging held in each region. Every year this prejudging starts from January to March. And schools passed the prejudging step up the final stage in May. Please support this action to provide an opportunity for children to show their music.

Art exhibition sponsor (2004-)

JHP seeks organizations to participate advertising for this art exhibition held in Cambodia every year. It is lacking of budgets such as renting rooms and transportation due to increasing number of creations from children. Please support this action to provide an opportunity for children to show their arts.

Work camp in Cambodia (1994-)

From the step of an initial design, JHP advices a work camp in Cambodia as organizations CSR. This work camp takes few days to around one week. Would you like to examine play equipments constructions, sports festivals, communication events and NGO tour and so on in Cambodia?

Advertising sponsor for recording action report (2000-)

JHP issues 2,500 copies of a recording report including every action of JHP once a year. We solicit of organizations to advertise on the paper. The size of advertising starts one forth of B5 (25,000yen). We start seeking these organizations from April to July every year.

Support printing

Please support printing materials that JHP issues such as Profile report (once a year) sent to supporters of children's home in Cambodia (CCH) and mails (twice a year).

Support office materials (mainly PC)

As organization CSR, JHP collects office materials needed for the office administration. Please contact us whenever you are interested in.