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Volunteers dispatch

JHP has dispatched over 1500 volunteers at home and abroad for the development of global citizens since 1993 as well as school construction services and educational support services.

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Cambodian volunteer expedition

  Twice a year in March and August, JHP dispatches over 20 volunteers to Cambodia for a month to educate the younger Japanese generation about being global citizens. Volunteers build swings in school yards, inspect school building services and educational support services, and visit NGOs in the local area.
  The Cambodia volunteer expeditions mainly consist of university students. In the March expedition participants of Osanai Mieko International Volunteer College join and work hard together to build swigs in Cambodia partly after having a half-year classroom lecture.

Promotion to send blankets to Africa

  JHP joined the promotion committee of Japan Blankets For Africa Campaign in 1995. This committee participates in campaigns, conducts public relation activities and collects blankets for the underprivileged Africans. Since 1996, JHP has had two members join the blanket distributions corporation to distribute blankets individually to people in Ethiopia, Mozambique and other African countries for 10 days once a year. So far, over 3.2 million blankets have been sent to victims of world conflicts and disasters in over 20 countries including Ethiopia, Uganda, Mozambique and Malawi.

Disaster relief

Relief activities overseas

  JHP is a member of a joint NGO, JEN (Japan Emergency Assistance NGOs) founded 1994. JEN was founded by several organizations to support the victims of world conflicts and disasters. JEN offers professional skills, emergency assistance, aid delivery, and medical care for the weak such as elderly people and children. JEN acts as one of the nation’s most active support organizations holding a neutral position and engaging in activities in 6 areas; Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Sudan, and Myanmar.
  Now, JHP is focusing on the construction of children’s educational facilities and setting up tents in disaster areas. JHP has driven field-oriented activities, fundraising both at home and abroad, and support for the earthquake destruction that occurred in the west of India, southeast of Iran and off the coast of Sumatra.

Relief activities at home

JHP has not only provided relief activities overseas, but also has offered assistance to the sites and victims of disasters throughout Japan. JHP has participated in relief activities for the victims in the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 and the salvage operation of the oil spill in the Sea of Japan in 1997. JHP supported people in the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995 and participated in volunteer activities for residents returning home after the volcanic eruption of Miyakejima in 2000. Also, JHP sent volunteers to the flood damaged areas in Niigata in 2005 and operated relief activities for one and half months in cooperation with JEN・RKK when the Mid-Niigata Prefecture earthquake hit the region.